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  • How one mental game change boosts self-confidence fast.
  • How athletes can cope with frustration and let go of mistakes.
  • How to help athletes take practice skills to competition.
  • How young athletes can focus well under pressure.
  • Why athletes perform tentatively or cautiously in competition.
  • How you can overcome the top 5 “costly” sports parenting traps.

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What Ultimate Sports Parent Readers Are Saying…

“From Slump to Success in 4 Days!”

“My wife and I immediately applied your e-book tips and luckily we got a fast response. Over a period of just four days we brought her up out of a slump to success. As soon as she started to play with a focus on “one play at a time” and was reminded that she had “permission to make mistakes,” she came out of her funk. Amazing!”
~Glenn A. Grube, Sports Parent

“We Are Grateful We Found Your Web Site!”

“We really enjoy your emails and are grateful that we found your web site. It is so needed. There really isn’t much out there to guide parents. Thank you for your work. And yes, we have passed on your web site to numerous parents.”
~Debbie and Peter Cooney

“Your Information Validates What I Observe!”

“After listening to your podcasts and reading your free e-book, most of the challenges apply to my 14-year-old son. He’s got all the physical ability, but unsure of himself in games. He has a difficult time rebounding from errors, the screaming coach on the side, along with his uncle in the stands probably doesn’t help his confidence. So reading and listening to your information has been so helpful and validates what I have observed in him for the past few months. Thank you so much!”
~Brenda Felder, Everett, WA

“An Excellent Teaching Tool for Parents!”

“I downloaded the free sports psychology e-book, ’10 Tips to Improve Confidence & Success in Young Athletes.’ This is an excellent and invaluable teaching tool for parents of today’s young athletes!”
~Marc D. Anderson, MGCP, Mental Game Coach

“I Loved Your E-book for Sports Parents!”

“I loved your e-book for sports parents. It was very helpful. I am already using the ideas you gave us in the e-book to help my child in sports.”
~Claire, Sports Parent

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