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Help young athletes improve mental skills for sports and life! Sports parents and coaches learn how to help kids improve confidence, focus, composure and trust in their skills–to have more fun and perform their best.

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Youth Sports Psychology In the Media
Youth Sports Psychology In the Media
Youth Sports Psychology In the Media
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As a parent, you naturally want the best for your kids, whether it’s at school, at home, or in sports competition. But it’s hard to watch your kids under perform in sports when they work so hard.

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As a parent, you see your athletes perform well in practice, but then under perform in competition. You know that they train hard, yet you can under stand whey they become so frustrated in game.

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Get kids’ sports psychology tips to help your athletes succeed in sports. Learn sports parenting tips from our expert authors and mental performance coaches.

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About Youth Sports Psychology

Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn, owners of The Ultimate Sports Parent website, developed Youth Sports Psychology to help parents, coaches, and mental game experts improve confidence and success of young athletes.

The Ultimate Sports Parent was developed by Dr. Patrick Cohn, a leading “mental game” expert, and his sister Lisa Cohn, a parenting writer and sports mom to four children.

Youth Sports Psychology provides sports parents, coaches, and educators with the cutting edge programs for enhancing sports parenting and youth coaching skills to boost kids’ mental game toughness and success sports.

Read articles, watch videos, and download a mental toughness eBook that help your kids quickly boost confidence and success in sports! Read youth sports articles…

Mental Coaching for Young Athletes

Athletic Psychologist for Young Athletes

One-on-one sports psychology coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your athletes’ mental game, boost their performance, and make lasting changes. And as a bonus, parents learn what to say to help young athletes feel confident and thrive in sports. Please call us at 888-742-7225 with your questions.

Peak Performance Sports offers expert mental performance coaching with our certified mental coaches. Please click a photo below to visit the bio pages of our certified mental performance coaches at

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What Sports Parents Say…

“I use your tips to help a sophomore high school student athlete. Last night, after I gave him some of your email tips – relax, get in the flow of the game, have fun, play by instinct, etc. – He busted out for a career high 20 points & 15 rebounds!”*


Bob Heidkamp

Sports Parent

Jaclyn was great to work with. I am now more confident over the ball and not worrying about things out of my control. This summer, I shot my best tournament scores to date, including my first under par tournament.“*

Athletic Psychologist

Leo Dixon

Junior Golfer

“I’m extremely grateful that Giselle had the opportunity to work with you. I saw a significant increase in Giselle’s attitude, perspective and performance. Giselle really enjoyed her sessions and I could tell she resonated with you.”*

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Brian May

Gymnastics Parent

Sport Psychology Tips for Sports Parents

Helping Sports Kids Develop an Emotional IQ

Because hockey can be an emotional game, youth who play hockey need to develop an emotional IQ. That’s the message from Luc Beausoleil and Jeff Jarvis, co-founder of Ventura Vikings, a program for young athletes interested in playing hockey in college and professionally. The former professional hockey players give tips … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Identify Burnout in Youth Sports

Should young athletes quit or recommit to youth sports? That’s a question that Andrew Simpson and his associates ask young athletes who may be approaching burnout. Simpson, chief vision officer, Player’s Fitness and Performance, helped create a training program for these athletes. The program looks at ways to help athletes … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Know When Athletes Have Burnout

Should young athletes quit or recommit to youth sports? That’s a question that Andrew Simpson and his associates ask young athletes who may be approaching burnout. Simpson, chief vision officer, Player’s Fitness and Performance, helped create a training program for these athletes. The program looks at ways to help athletes recognize … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Athletes Be More Hungry

How to Constantly be Improving Your Game Many athletes reach a point where they believe they have maxed their potential or can no longer improve. Some set career goals, and when they accomplish their objective, they become satisfied and lose their motivation to achieve more. Athletes need to be more … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Parents and The Problems with Focusing On Kids’ Mistakes

In this video, sport parents will learn how to be a supportive parent versus a distracting one. Harping on your athletes mistakes after a game can cause your athletes to make even more mistakes knowing they have a dreaded car ride home.  Peak Performance Sports, LLC helps athletes and performers … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Fear of Failure is a Top Worry for Young Athletes

As a sports psychology practitioner and founder of Maximize the Mind Mental Performance Coaching, Ashley Eckermann is fielding more and more requests from parents of kids as young as 7 or 8. Their biggest challenge is fear of failure, Eckermann said. Kids say they are afraid of messing up and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Mental Toughness in Young Athletes

What does it take for kids to perform at their peak in playoffs? Pressure increases a notch in the playoffs. A loss during the regular season is just a loss, just one game. However, in the playoffs, one game may be the difference between going home or going to the … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Using Neuroscience to Improve Athlete Performance

Improve your Athletes Performance Athletes are quick to focus on optimizing their physical performance but rarely concentrate on how they can improve their brain function in ways that will make them think and react faster. But it’s possible to measure certain aspects of brain function and tune up the brain, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Improving Young Athletes’ Thinking to Boost Performance

It’s possible to speed up young athletes’ thinking and reaction time, says Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, a sports dad, professor and president of NeuroCatch, a medical device startup that evaluates cognitive function. For example, he recently used red light therapy to speed up a football player’s cognitive processing by 70 milliseconds. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Choosing Neutral Thinking When Facing Adversity in Youth Sports

When sports kids face adversity, it’s not always easy to quickly shift from making mistakes to positive thinking. Instead, they should choose neutral thinking first, said Donovan Dreyer, owner of Get Ready Coaching and a sports dad with three teens. This involves focusing on a specific task that needs improvement. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

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