Programs for Sports Parents and Coaches

The Ultimate Sports Parent

The Ultimate Sports Parent

Every day, we receive letters from parents like you who want their children and teens to excel in sports. However, these parents can see fear, doubt, and frustration on the faces of their kids who struggle with the “inner” game of sports. But these parents have no idea how to … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Kick Perfectionism and Fear of Failure

Perfectionism In Sports

Nearly every athlete struggles with some form of perfectionism or fear of failure. Kids who look like stars in practice will often choke up or under perform during games or competition. Other athletes expect too much of themselves—then get frustrated when they don’t meet their high expectations. Or they’re extremely … Read Sport Psychology Tip

10-Minute Pregame Prep

10 Minute Pregame Prep

The MOST important time for kids to be focused and confident is just before competition. However, before competition is when kids feel anxious, distracted, worried and tense about outcomes. Feeling this way can undermine athletes confidence and performance. With our pregame mental preparation program, young athletes, parents and coaches learn … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Focused Sports Kid

The Focused Sports Kid

“The Focused Sports Kid” helps sports kids who get easily distracted and can’t regain their focus in competition. In this program, you and your athlete learn concentration-boosting strategies to help young athletes develop laser focus during competition. Young athletes learn how to focus on what’s most important, to refocus when … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Composed Sports Kid

The Composed Sports Kid

“The Composed Sports Kid,” is a 7- Day plan designed to help athletes maintain maximum composure.  This program teaches parents and coaches how to help their kids practice composure, and teaches young athletes–ages 6 to 12–how to improve composure, let go of mistakes quickly, have more self-acceptance, and thus enjoy … Read Sport Psychology Tip