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How Playing Sports Can Help Kids Transition to Reopening

pressure in youth sports

Easing Young Athletes Back into Seeing Friends and Teammates Sports kids may feel anxious about changing the routines they developed during the shutdown, says Elizabeth Englander, a Ph.D psychologist, researcher, professor and author of “The Insanely Awesome Post-Pandemic Playbook.” However, playing sports is a good way to transition to normal … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Kick Perfectionism and Fear of Failure

Perfectionism In Sports

Nearly every athlete struggles with some form of perfectionism or fear of failure. Kids who look like stars in practice will often choke up or under perform during games or competition. Other athletes expect too much of themselves—then get frustrated when they don’t meet their high expectations. Or they’re extremely … Read Sport Psychology Tip

10-Minute Pregame Prep

10 Minute Pregame Prep

The MOST important time for kids to be focused and confident is just before competition. However, before competition is when kids feel anxious, distracted, worried and tense about outcomes. Feeling this way can undermine athletes confidence and performance. With our pregame mental preparation program, young athletes, parents and coaches learn … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Kids’ Sports Psychology

Kids' Sports Psychology

As a leading “mental game” coach, and an award-winning parenting writer, we have studied and worked with sports parents and coaches from all over the country to help them boost their kids’ confidence, focus and performance. You can tap into our secrets to sports success through benefit from our experience … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Confident Athlete CDs

Confident Athlete CDs

The Confident Athletes Series is a cutting-edge workbook and CD series designed to boost athlete’s confidence, focus, and composure to reach their peak potential. Dr. Patrick Cohn Shares all his performance-boosting methods in this unique CD/Workbook series. Perfect for any athlete, coach, or sports parent! Read More About The Confident … Read Sport Psychology Tip