Perfectionism in Young Athletes

Helping Young Athletes to Play Functionally

perfectionism in young athletes

How to Help Perfectionist Young Athletes Many top athletes say that they’re perfectionists. When they say this, sports kids may assume that perfectionism will help them attain their full potential. While perfectionism has advantages, it can actually prevent young athletes from reaching their potential. While perfectionists show up for practice … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Perfectionists Overcome Fragile Confidence

When Young Athletes Struggle With Self-Doubt

How Expectations Hinder Confidence Perfectionists tend to have more confidence in practice than they do in competition. They also harbor what’s called fragile confidence. Fragile confidence means that athletes’ confidence rises and falls depending on how they are performing at the moment. At its worst, fragile confidence can increase and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How One Coach Helped a Perfectionist Athlete

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Breaking the Perfectionist Pattern Richard Burke, who has been coaching baseball, football and basketball for the last 12 years, recently told us how he used our Ultimate Sports Parent program to help a perfectionist pitcher.  “I had a 10-year-old pitcher playing on an 11-year-old travel team. He was doing really … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Expectations Trap for Perfectionists

Perfectionist's Expectations

Young Athletes who are Perfectionist “I have a son, age 15. He is skilled in many sports at school. Rugby, Hockey, XC running and Athletics (sprint and long jump where he holds the school record in both these).” “When he makes a mistake he can ‘lose’ it and can be … Read Sport Psychology Tip