perfectionism is young athletes

Helping Young Athletes to Play Functionally

perfectionism in young athletes

How to Help Perfectionist Young Athletes Many top athletes say that they’re perfectionists. When they say this, sports kids may assume that perfectionism will help them attain their full potential. While perfectionism has advantages, it can actually prevent young athletes from reaching their potential. While perfectionists show up for practice … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Avoid Comparison Trap for Sports Parents

Sports Parent: Avoid and Stop Comparing Your Athletes

Comparisons Hurt Athletes’ Confidence When we surveyed parents, we found that 23% said that kids judge how their teammates are performing instead of focusing on their own play. Focusing on others’ play will distract your young athletes from their own game, and can become a major confidence killer. In the … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Signs of Performance Anxiety in Young Athletes

Young Athletes Performance Anxiety

How to Help Young Athletes Enjoy Sports Many athletes limit their performance due to anxiety, tension, worry, and fear. Sports are supposed to be fun, not stressful for your athletes, right? Parents and coaches, we can help you identify when sports kids are suffering from anxiety–and determine how to help … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Mental Blocks in Youth Sports: When Kids Tank

Mental Blocks in Youth Sports

Do Young Athletes Have Mental Blocks? A sports parent says: “I have a 12-year-old son who is having major mental blocks as it comes to baseball. He feels the pressure to live up to the hype of making it to the World Series. His pitching has improved tremendously however in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What To Say to Young Athletes After Mistakes

Communicating With Sports Kids After Mistakes

Communicating With Sports Kids After Mistakes A sports parent says: “I feel I need assistance with what to say to kids after they have made a mistake…” Learning to deal with mistakes is one of the most beneficial aspects of sports psychology, and will benefit your children throughout their lives. … Read Sport Psychology Tip