High Expectations in Youth Sports

The Pressure of Expectations for Kids

Pressure from High Expectations

Goals not Expectations Are Good for Kids It’s important to go into a competitive season with realistic goals. They will motivate and focus young athletes. Sports kids should not go into a season with super high expectations. That will make them feel pressured, anxious and distracted. Let’s compare goals and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Mental Blocks in Youth Sports: When Kids Tank

Mental Blocks in Youth Sports

Do Young Athletes Have Mental Blocks? A sports parent says: “I have a 12-year-old son who is having major mental blocks as it comes to baseball. He feels the pressure to live up to the hype of making it to the World Series. His pitching has improved tremendously however in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Low Self-Confidence Hurts Sports Kids

How Low Self-Confidence Hurts Sports Kids

Identifying Focus Issues in Young Athletes A sports parent writes: “My child gets fouled a lot, when the referee fails to make a call, or when it builds through a game, he sometimes loses control. This is usually anger boiling over. Also, when an opposing player talks to him (taunts) … Read Sport Psychology Tip