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Helping Young Athletes Stay Confident

“I really feel relieved to know that there is sound, sensitive advice for parents regarding the issues of sports and bullying. You make some very profound statements that really resonate with me as a parent and as an educator of young children including: “Fear is a mental game killer,” and “Coaches have the power to prevent bullying in teens” and “Coaches who are socially cruel encourage their kids to behave in the same manner.”*
~sports parent

“I also appreciate the advice to parents as to how to help your child become more mentally resilient to bullying in sports. The specific advice and scenarios are extremely helpful for any child on a team and very helpful in guiding parents, coaches and administrators in how to deal with bullying in sports. I cannot thank you enough for your input, and I am so reassured to know that there are people like you who are writing articles and doing interviews on such timely and important matters.”*
~Julie Goot

The Ultimate Sports Parent Program

“I think the material on your web site and the communications I receive are excellent. I find the advice practical and the topics that are discussed, very relevant to my own experiences. I feel very happy with my purchase of the Ultimate Sports Parent Program. Your materials are top class. I will continue to study them.”*
~David Wormald, sports parent

“I just listened to “ Ultimate Sports Parent Program on a drive back from North Carolina. Every parent should be required to listen to it!  I thought it was great. Thank you.”*
~Rita, sports parent

“Dr. Patrick Cohn and Lisa Cohn are to be congratulated! Together, they offer a wealth of knowledge, information, and practical mental tools for sports parents on the substantial “mental game” challenges and pressures facing today’s young athletes.”*
~Marc D. Anderson, LCSW, MGCP, mental game coach

Ultimate Sports Parent Program is more about being a great motivator for your kid than being a sideline parent. In other words, this program is the PROACTIVE approach to sports parenting—coaching your kid!”*
~Kris Evenson, sports parent

“I recently bought your program for kids who are perfectionist, “Sports Parents Top Dilemma . I must say that the difference in my son was miraculous. Also, since my son read the program and did so well, I see his old self (fear of failure) coming back little by little. Do you have any other resources’ that I could get for him? He loves to read and has requested more. He even wants to go into the field of sports psychology. I am so thankful that I found your program. It has made such a huge impact on our family.”*
~Lara Mosser, sports parent

“I have listened to the program twice and I think the information is valuable. I’ve always heard and read that we need to be positive with our young athletes. However, this program provides great value because it gives specific “how to’s” with regards as to how to be positive as a parent as well as how to get your young athletes to think positive.”*
~Jay Morrissey Sr., sports parent

“I did review the bonus e-book “10 Tips to Improve Young Athletes Confidence and Success”. I thought the information presented was on target with what I see all over with kids today, not just in sports but in everyday life, in school, with peers and so on. The e-book addresses the “how” and “why” negative belief systems too often become internalized by kids in sports with a ripple effect that more than often transfers to other areas of the athletes life. Many of the solutions give me some good ideas to add to my coaching this upcoming basketball season with the kids this winter. The e-book covered concerning issues well giving good positive solutions to address those concerns.”*
~Al Sanchez

Kids’ Sports Psychology and Youth Sports Psychology

“Kids’ Sports Psychology quite a find. It’s a treasure trove of practical, insightful information presented in an organized, simple format that is so easy to use. It is exactly what I was looking for to help my daughter succeed in competition, as much as she succeeds during practice. Additionally, these concepts can be applied to all areas of her life and, as her parent, I can’t stress enough how important it is to me, that she develop confidence, and how valuable this resource is to that end. Thank you so much!”*
~Stephanie Dobbs, sports parent

“I use your tips to help a sophomore high school student athlete. Last night, after I gave him some of your email tips – relax, get in the flow of the game, have fun, play by instinct, etc. – He busted loose for a career high 20 points and 15 rebounds!”*
~Bob Heidkamp

“Kids’ Sports Psychology is a great web site by the way. One of the best web sites I’ve been on. It’s really, really helpful.”*
~Gavin Clark, PGA, England

“I especially like the mental game videos that my son can watch alone or we can watch together. The videos help to reinforce all the concepts we have learned together. I think the pre-game stuff is cool and the lessons on confidence, coping with doubt, and trust are worth there weight in gold.”*
~Dr. Adam Glantzman

“I love what you do on your website and the impact and influences you’re making on children’s lives across our great country.”*
~H. Rothenberg

“I know that your articles, podcasts and information are helping our 4th grade boys basketball team. It is a competitive “travel team.” After finding your website, I have implemented a lot of your advice with the team. I have emphasized that we as coaches don’t expect perfection and that every time we win or lose, it is an opportunity to learn another part of the game. The parents are really happy with the coaching that my assistant and I are providing. We focus on positive feedback and continually attempt to build up the players’ confidence.”*
~Chris Duffy, coach

“FANTASTIC! Your seven-day e-course is just what the doctor ordered. The seven-day e-course and the “10 Tips to Improve Young Athletes Confidence and Success” tweaked my sons’ confidence, which was lacking in his 12-year-old brain.  I can’t wait to see the two confident building CD’s and booklet I ordered. My sons burning desire to win has been reborn! Big thanks.”*
~Jim Tsotsos , sports parent

“We really enjoy your emails and are grateful that we found your website.  It is so needed.  There really isn’t much out there to guide the parent. Thank you for your work. And yes, we have passed on your website to numerous parents.”*
~Debbie and Peter Cooney, sports parents

Our son’s attitude and team spirit really improved (as a result of our Sports Parents’ Coach session)—even his coaches and teammates noticed—and they made a point of telling him and us, which was great! He can’t wait to play again next season, and that’s the ultimate goal right now.”*
~Jennifer, sports parent

“I’ve read a number of Kids’ Sports Psychology articles and watched several videos mostly about building confidence. As sports parents, we’ve changed our behavior. We’ve stopped criticizing her performance and have focused on what she did well. We do see an improvement in her practices, but most of all they are more enjoyable for her and us.”*
~Margot Ambrose

“I think Kids’ Sports Psychology website is great! There is a lot of good information. The information was easy to understand and I really liked the question and answer section because that applies to real-life situations. I loved the featured articles on the homepage.”*
~Jenya, sports parent

“I watched your neat online mental game videos and loved them! There was so much that I could relate to, both with my son and myself. I also loved all the commonsense, practical advice for parents.”*
~Pam Rowlinson, sports parent

“I will share your website with many others! I’m anxious to read more on your blog page and website. The information you are providing is invaluable to coaches and parents. People need to be aware and stop this sports epidemic so children receive good from sports instead of the negative consequences that perfectionism can create.”*
~sports parent

“I just wanted to tell you thank you for your email publications. After reading the articles the last two weeks, it is very apparent that many of my athletes have mental roadblocks that affect their physical performance. This has changed my coaching philosophy and direction with my high school basketball program.”*
~Brian Deatherage

“I must say, that each tip from you is helping untangle little by little a bit of a fix that my 10 year old daughter’s badminton had got into. Wow ! the number of mistakes we have made as sports parents. I do wish I had visited your site, before she started off on a competitive level last year. Would have saved us a lot of unnecessary worry. ‘How exactly do kids succeed when they lose or make mistakes?’… one more great tip. She is beginning to improve and have a good time tip by tip.”*

“I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I am very much enjoying the mental game tips you send me. My teams are grateful for every ounce of knowledge that helps to boost their confidence and self-esteem. They have told me that it not only helps them with their game and their focus but in a lot of other parts of daily life, especially with dealing with everyday pressures with school and peers.”*
~Rushell MacDonald, coach


*Testimonials found on this site are examples of what we have done for other clients, and what some of our clients have said about us. However, we cannot guarantee the results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different. No compensation was provided for these testimonials.

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