Fear of Failure in Sports

Is Your Athlete Playing Safe or Just Appear Lazy?

Building Confidence in Athletes

Welcome to the Sports Psychology Podcast by Dr. Patrick Coach of Peak Performance Sports. Dr. Cohn and Georgia Miller, CMPC discuss the challenges sports parents face with young athletes and how to make sports a better experience. Learn how to spot mental game challenges in athletes, what to say before … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes to Play Functionally

perfectionism in young athletes

How to Help Perfectionist Young Athletes Many top athletes say that they’re perfectionists. When they say this, sports kids may assume that perfectionism will help them attain their full potential. While perfectionism has advantages, it can actually prevent young athletes from reaching their potential. While perfectionists show up for practice … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Athletes Play to Not Make Mistakes

When Athletes Play to Not Make Mistakes

Why Do Young Athletes Fear Failure? A sports parent asks: “Our 12-year-old son is having challenges in baseball. He is playing not to make mistakes and seems to have lost his aggression and effectiveness. He is also the smallest, youngest kid on the team. What tips might you have for … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Athletes Who Get Timid During Competition

Young Athletes Trust Their Skills

How Can Young Athletes Trust Their Skills in Games? A sports parent asks: “When my son plays certain sports, especially basketball, there’s clearly and no hesitation to “mix it up” aggressively. He doesn’t always translate skills to game situations… he often fails to let his skills flourish due to the … Read Sport Psychology Tip