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The Importance of Goal Setting in Youth Sports

goals in youth sports

How to Help Young Athletes Develop a Growth Mindset Christian Buck, a performance coach and author of The Sport of School, says it’s critical for young athletes–and students–to establish a long-term vision and goals that support it. He teaches high schoolers how to create a vision and goals–in both sports and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Motivational Phrases During Warmup Help Young Athletes

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When Self-Talk Isn’t Enough for Athletes Brad Donohue, a psychology professor and sports psychology expert at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is conducting some eye-opening studies about how motivational phrases help athletes perform. In one of his studies, coaches or peers said a string of phrases to runners … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How To Motivate Young Athletes By Tapping Into Their Passions

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Parents: Motivating Your Young Athletes Sports parents and coaches tell us that one of their biggest challenges is motivating their young athletes– especially without pressuring them. Parents often say that their athletes have loads of talent, but don’t like to practice. Coaches sometimes say their kids like to goof off … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Kids Would Rather Lose and Get to Play the Whole Game [Podcast]

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Playing Time in Youth Sports Here’s an interesting study result: If young athletes have to choose between losing and getting to play the whole game, they choose playing time. That’s a tidbit from Steven Frierman, a professor at Hofstra University and a former youth sports coach. Yes, that’s right. Winning … Read Sport Psychology Tip