Kids' Motivation in Sports

When Parents Force Kids to Specialize in One Sport

When Kids Are Forced to Complete in One Sport

Young Athletes’ Motivation For Playing Sports A young athlete writes: “My father made me start taekwondo when I was still very young. I am tired of the injuries and with the fact that they don’t care if I am hurt or not. I still like the sport but I am … Read Sport Psychology Tip

“Trophy Son” Book Warns of Dangers of Over-Involved Parents

Youth Sports Psychology

Help Sports Kids Feel Motivated, Not Pressured A new book, “Trophy Son,” about tennis prodigy Anton Stratis, is an important warning about the dangers of being over-involved, albeit well-meaning, sports parents. The book details the world of tennis from young Anton’s point of view. “Anton has the tennis dad from … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Tap into Your Athletes’ Personal Motives for Sports Participation

Motivating Sports Kids

Motivating Young Athletes Without Pressuring Them In our survey of more than 3,000 sports parents, the top challenge cited by parents of young athletes is this: How can I help my kids get the most of out sports without pressuring them? In the survey, 68.7 percent of respondents named this … Read Sport Psychology Tip

New Study Identifies Four Keys to Happy Athletes

Youth Sports Psychology

Sports Kids’ Keys to Happiness Nearly 70% of kids drop out of sports by the time they’re 13. That statistic isn’t new, but what is new is research that identifies what would keep them in sports. A new study conducted by George Washington University’s School of Public Health found that … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How To Motivate Young Athletes By Tapping Into Their Passions

Youth Sports Psychology

Parents: Motivating Your Young Athletes Sports parents and coaches tell us that one of their biggest challenges is motivating their young athletes– especially without pressuring them. Parents often say that their athletes have loads of talent, but don’t like to practice. Coaches sometimes say their kids like to goof off … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Kids Would Rather Lose and Get to Play the Whole Game [Podcast]

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Playing Time in Youth Sports Here’s an interesting study result: If young athletes have to choose between losing and getting to play the whole game, they choose playing time. That’s a tidbit from Steven Frierman, a professor at Hofstra University and a former youth sports coach. Yes, that’s right. Winning … Read Sport Psychology Tip