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Finding Balance To Reduce Sports Pressure

Reducing Pressure

How to Reduce Pressure in Youth Sports Have you ever heard your sports kids say, “Sports is my whole life,” or “I live for basketball,” or “Eat. Sleep, Play soccer.” Many athletes wrap their self-worth around sports. They surround themselves with like-minded teammates who are their main source of social … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Parents Force Kids to Specialize in One Sport

When Kids Are Forced to Complete in One Sport

Young Athletes’ Motivation For Playing Sports A young athlete writes: “My father made me start taekwondo when I was still very young. I am tired of the injuries and with the fact that they don’t care if I am hurt or not. I still like the sport but I am … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Building Kids’ Success Through Goal-Setting [Podcast]

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Success And Goal-Setting in Youth Sports Ultimate Sports Parent Radio interviews J. Parker Adair, a coach who started a high school lacrosse program and has run programs for athletes aged 3 to high school. He as taken his sports lessons to the business world with his website This week’s … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Advantages of An Inside-Out Mindset For Young Athletes

How to Care About Athletes’ Mental Health

Using Internal Rewards With Sports Kids Too often today, young athletes are motivated for the wrong reason, says Kirk Mango, a former Division I gymnast who is now a coach and sports parent. He says many athletes seek external rewards, such as trophies, admiration from coaches and parents, poularity, and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Teaching Young Athletes to Be Resilient—in Sports and Life!

Youth Sports Psychology

Sports Kids And Moving on After Mistakes or Losses Does your young athlete say things like, “I can never hit a good one,” or, “I’m always a terrible player,” or “Things never work out for me” after a tough game or competition? That’s a red flag, says Tamar Chansky, Ph.D., … Read Sport Psychology Tip