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Finding Balance To Reduce Sports Pressure

Reducing Pressure

How to Reduce Pressure in Youth Sports Have you ever heard your sports kids say, “Sports is my whole life,” or “I live for basketball,” or “Eat. Sleep, Play soccer.” Many athletes wrap their self-worth around sports. They surround themselves with like-minded teammates who are their main source of social … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Parents Can Motivate Kids Without Pressure

Youth Sports Psychology

Sports Parents And Motivating Their Athletes Lisa Cohn here from The Ultimate Sports Parent. Just yesterday, my 7-year-old told me he didn’t want to go to gymnastics. He said he didn’t like doing the warm-up exercises and wasn’t going to go any more. But I know he loves his gymnastics … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What Motivates Kids (Without Pressuring Them)?

Youth Sports Psychology

Motivating Sports Kids “My young athlete seems to love sports, but just doesn’t apply himself. I remind him every day to practice more and concentrate more, but that doesn’t work. How can I motivate him?” This is a question we often get from parents. They say their kids love sports, … Read Sport Psychology Tip