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Do You Try to Give Your Athletes Confidence?

Youth Sports Psychology

Confidence For Young Athletes A parent asked us in our recent survey, “How do you get kids ready and to games on time? What do you do to make them feel confident?” It’s critical to understand that you, as parents, can’t MAKE your kids feel confident; athletes must earn their … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Your Athletes’ Mental Preparation Prior to Competition

Youth Sports Psychology

Help Your Athletes Get Mentally Prepared Do your athletes know exactly how to mentally prepare for competition – so they can perform their best? We think this is a super important area for young athletes and we’d love your feedback about your kids’ pregame mindset… Do your athletes: How can … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Can Athletes 5-10 Years Old Learn Mental Skills for Success?

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Can Young Athletes Learn Mental Skills? We think it’s never too early to educate young athletes on mental game principles that will help instill confidence and success in sports as they grow older. Providing a foundation of mental skills can help your young athletes understand the importance of a good … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Tips For Finding The Best Coaches: They Should Instill Love Of Playing

Help Young Athletes Compete Under Pressure

Tips For Finding The Best Coaches What makes great coaches who boost kids’ confidence? First and foremost, great coaches instill a love of the game, says Michael Langlois, a longtime coach and author of “A Guide To Effective Communication for Youth Soccer Coaches.” “If nothing else, we should not kill … Read Sport Psychology Tip

8 Tips for Sports Parents To Help Athletes Perform with Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Parents: Help Instill Confidence in Sports Kids Parents are always asking us how they should interact with their athletes before games and during practice. They want to know how to best support their sons or daughters’ confidence in sports. Here are a few general guidelines parents can use to help … Read Sport Psychology Tip