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Choosing Neutral Thinking When Facing Adversity in Youth Sports

Building Confidence in Athletes

When sports kids face adversity, it’s not always easy to quickly shift from making mistakes to positive thinking. Instead, they should choose neutral thinking first, said Donovan Dreyer, owner of Get Ready Coaching and a sports dad with three teens. This involves focusing on a specific task that needs improvement. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Young Athletes Can Cope with Adversity

How Young Athletes Can Cope with Adversity

The phrase “to make matters worse” catastrophizes an adverse event. Many sports announcers use the phrase to describe an athlete’s or team’s worsening prospects or condition throughout a season Many young athletes get stuck in the habit of catastrophizing. They often highlight every bad break, unlucky event and poor showing … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Goals vs. Expectations for Kids

Sport Parent Dos and Don'ts

Helping Sports Kids Set Goals It’s important for sports kids to go into a competitive season with realistic goals. This can help give kids motivation, direction and purpose. Starting a competitive season with excessively high expectations makes sports kids feel pressured, anxious and distracted. And kids can feel even worse … Read Sport Psychology Tip