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How Parents Can Help Young Athletes Improve Focus

Boosting Focus

Concentration Tips For Young Athletes Parents, do your kids focus on the score, their statistics, or other outcomes in sports? If so, you can help them avoid the problems associated with these types of focus. When kids focus too much on the outcome, they can’t concentrate on the process. In … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Parents: How Do You React After a Game?

Youth Sports Psychology

Stay Confident After A Loss It’s easy to hurt your young athletes’ confidence after a game, saying the wrong things or talking too much about the game, especially if your team lost. Many kids link their self-esteem with their performance. We don’t want that to happen. Too often, parents say … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Do You Try to Give Your Athletes Confidence?

Youth Sports Psychology

Confidence For Young Athletes A parent asked us in our recent survey, “How do you get kids ready and to games on time? What do you do to make them feel confident?” It’s critical to understand that you, as parents, can’t MAKE your kids feel confident; athletes must earn their … Read Sport Psychology Tip