expectations for young athletes

Building Sports Kids’ Confidence by Creating Community

Building Sports Kid's Confidence

Boost Young Athletes’ Communication and Cooperation Chasta Hamilton, author of “Trash The Trophies: How To Win Without Losing Your Soul,” was seeing red flags in her dance studio. The owner and artistic director of Stage Door Dance Productions thought that the often expensive “pay to play” dance scene was creating … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Goals vs. Expectations for Kids

Sport Parent Dos and Don'ts

Helping Sports Kids Set Goals It’s important for sports kids to go into a competitive season with realistic goals. This can help give kids motivation, direction and purpose. Starting a competitive season with excessively high expectations makes sports kids feel pressured, anxious and distracted. And kids can feel even worse … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Building Confidence in Sports Kids With Fairness

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Helping Sports Kids Control Expectations If you’ve done a great job instilling in your sports kids a sense of right and wrong, they may have problems with a coach who appears to pick favorites. “Often, kids and parents alike will have perceived fairness issues, which can really take a toll … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Handle Expectations That Hurt Sports Kids’ Confidence

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When Kids Have High Expectations in Sports Sometimes kids don’t even understand that they go into a game or practice with big expectations that pressure them to perform well. For example, they might have a list of unwritten, unspoken “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.” These might include, “I should never make mistakes,” … Read Sport Psychology Tip