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Tips To Help Young Athletes Have Fun with Sports

Youth Sports Psychology

Help Sports Kids Have Fun In Sports Don’t bring a Nobel-Prize winning professor to teach your young sports kids the physics behind throwing a ball. Instead, focus on games like “Simon Says,” and “Hokey Pokey.” That’s the word from VJ Stanley, a retired college hockey coach and youth sports coach … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Do You Distract Your Young Athlete During Competition?

The Focused Sports Kid

Help Kids Overcome the Top Distractions in Sports Believe it or not, one of the top distractions can be you! Among other things, kids say that their parents distract them when they’re preparing for or playing games. What? You may ask. Me? Of course, your intention is to be helpful. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

8 Tips for Sports Parents To Help Athletes Perform with Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Parents: Help Instill Confidence in Sports Kids Parents are always asking us how they should interact with their athletes before games and during practice. They want to know how to best support their sons or daughters’ confidence in sports. Here are a few general guidelines parents can use to help … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Communicate Well with Sports Kids, And Reap the Benefits

How Kids Can Learn to Make the Most of Mistake While Competing

The Importance of Communicating With Sports Kids How you communicate with your sports kids is critical to building their confidence. We recently chatted with Michel Langlois, co-owner of Prospect Communications, which helps parents, coaches and administrators develop more effective communication approaches. He’s also a former coach and has four grown … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Having Fun Helps Sports Kids Perform Well

Youth Sports Psychology

Why Having Fun in Sports is so Important High school athlete Jacob understands why having fun is hands-down the most important thing kids can do when all seems lost. In a recent interview, he told us that when his team is down, or if he makes mistakes, his confidence starts … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Perfectionism Hurts Young Athletes Success

Video of The Week

Perfectionism in Young Athletes Dr. Patrick Cohn, co-founder of The Ultimate Sports Parent discusses how fear of failure and perfectionism in young athletes can stifle their performance and success in sports. In this youth sports psychology video by Dr. Patrick Cohn you’ll learn: How perfectionism can hold young athletes back and … Read Sport Psychology Tip