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Motivate Kids with Growth Mindset, Not Fear

Building Confidence in Athletes

Growth Mindset for Young Athletes Rather than focusing on instilling fear to motivate athletes, parents need to create a safe training environment for them, says Pomai Miyata, MGCP, and sports performance consultant and founder of ICE Mental Game. Fear-based training was common with old-school coaches and is often depicted in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Team Culture Boosts Kids’ Confidence

Building Confidence in Young Athletes

Strategies For Building Confidence in Young Athletes There’s a reason Mark Lawton, longtime coach and teacher, takes his team to the championship level… He focuses on building a team culture that boosts kids’ confidence. When we spoke to him recently, he gave us some quick tips for both parents and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Protecting Sports Kids From Predators, Bullies and Other Dangers

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

How Parents Can Help Sports Kids Stay Safe It’s hard to read the stories about members of the USA Gymnastics Team being harassed and abused by the team’s doctor. And it’s easy to worry about such dangers. Kids who are bullied, abused or harassed as sports kids can suffer throughout … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Challenges with Being Your Kid’s Coach and Parent


Setting Team Goals as a Parent-Coach A sports parent asks: “As a parent and a coach, how should I handle performing both duties simultaneously to help all the kids as much as possible?” Being a coach and parent can breed many issues that you need to be aware of from … Read Sport Psychology Tip