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Protecting Sports Kids From Predators, Bullies and Other Dangers

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How Parents Can Help Sports Kids Stay Safe It’s hard to read the stories about members of the USA Gymnastics Team being harassed and abused by the team’s doctor. And it’s easy to worry about such dangers. Kids who are bullied, abused or harassed as sports kids can suffer throughout … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Can Young Athletes Improve Faster with Playful Practice?

How Choking Hurts Athletes’ Performance 

Being Playful in Youth Sports Being playful in sports–finding ways to laugh and joke around during practice–isn’t just for fun. It actually helps kids improve faster in sports. That’s the word from Gary Avischious, founder and head coach of Avischious learned about the science of play at the National … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Embrace Mental Training

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Mental Training Benefits For Kids Here’s one former sports kid who has lots of good things to say about the benefits of mental training: “Dr. Patrick Cohn, I am so happy to see you exposing the true potential and impact of mental training with children.  As a gymnast, I used … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Letting Go of Sports Kids During Practice and Competition

Youth Sports Psychology

Letting Sports Kids be Responsible For Their Success Sports parents need to release their young athletes to the game. That’s the word from H. Rothenberg, who has run a basketball program for 20 years and is the owner of Triple C Camp, Charlottesville, Va. What exactly does he mean by … Read Sport Psychology Tip