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Mental Preparation For Young Athletes

Young Athletes Mental Game Preparation

How to Teach Young Athletes Mental Toughness Sports parents, want to help your kids achieve peak performance, that elusive state that allows them to stay in the moment, banish distractions and perform their best? Peak performance comes from great preparation. Consistent peak performance is based on consistent mental preparation. Help … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Young Athletes Avoid Mental Training

Trust in Skills

Athletes’ Acceptance of Mental Training Often, young athletes don’t understand the benefits of mental game training. They say they’re already mentally strong. Or they’re afraid that they’ll have to sit on a couch and reveal their innermost vulnerabilities. Mostly, they don’t understand what mental game training is–or its benefits. To … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Embrace Mental Training

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Mental Training Benefits For Kids Here’s one former sports kid who has lots of good things to say about the benefits of mental training: “Dr. Patrick Cohn, I am so happy to see you exposing the true potential and impact of mental training with children.  As a gymnast, I used … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Are Your Athletes Searching For Answers

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Sports Kids Who Fail to Perform in Competition Many parents and coaches contact us every day at Peak Performance Sports asking why their kids look like stars in practice, but fail to perform well in competition. Actually, failing to perform well in competition is the number one reason athletes seek me … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Overcoming Young Athletes’ Resistance to Mental Training

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3 Reasons Why Young Athletes Resist Mental Training One sports parent recently asked: “How do I get my son to buy into the need for mental training? He is an extremely skilled player who lacks confidence but stubbornly is not open to mental training.” Whether young athletes are skilled or unskilled, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Athletes Can Use Mental Imagery To Help Them Succeed

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Using Positive Mental Imagery For Success Too often, when young athletes prepare to compete or perform, they imagine in their minds the bad things that might happen to them—like getting beat out by a competitor or missing a critical shot. What they need to do instead is visualize success, says … Read Sport Psychology Tip