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Addressing Anxiety, Mistakes and Low Confidence in Youth Sports

Building Confidence in Athletes

Performance anxiety, mistakes and low confidence are some of the top challenges for girls who play volleyball–challenges that help them learn important lessons in life, said Leah Jantzen, a former Ironman and marathon runner who is now a mental health and performance coach at Ward Melville High School, Long Island. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Parents Should Show Sports Kids They Care About More than the Win

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Sports parents need to show their young athletes that they care about more than the score and the win. That’s the word from Wayne LaMarre, clinical professor and director of the athletic training program at the University of New England. LaMarre is also on staff for the Women’s National Ice … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Sports Kids Build Stable Confidence 

Helping Sports Kids Build Stable Confidence

What is Stable Confidence Some kids’ confidence changes depending on the record or ability of their opponents. They only feel confident when they compete against weaker opponents and are less confident against tougher competition. Young athletes’ confidence sinks when they become “wowed” by their opponents’ record, skills or talent level. … Read Sport Psychology Tip