Mental Preparation for Sports Kids

Yes, College Recruiters Evaluate Players’ Mental Game

Building Confidence in Athletes

For college recruiters, players’ mental game is important. Recruiters learn about kids’ mental game skills–or deficiencies–by talking to high school coaches, watching game videos and watching both parents and players at games. Keirsten Sires, CEO and founder of 2aDays–which provides college coach ratings and experiences from athletes–gives tips about how … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Parents Can Help Kids Relax

Anxiety for Young Athletes

Teach Athletes Strategies to Control Their Thinking Are your sports kids anxious during stressful moments while they’re competing? Are they generally anxious as athletes? Why do so many athletes feel anxious during competitions? Two issues contribute to anxiety in sports. First, young athletes label themselves as anxious. When this happens, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Setting Goals for Young Athletes

When Teens Feel Pressure to Play Sports

Focus on Small Objectives It’s important for young athletes to establish goals in order to improve their training for the new year. Many young athletes have goals about the successes they’re aiming for in competition, but don’t have well-defined goals for training and practice. Training is critical to success in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Kids Can Overcome Pandemic Anxiety

adversity in young athletes

Positive Actions Empower Young Athletes What kinds of adversity have your sports kids encountered? Perhaps they have experienced an injury or long-term sickness. Maybe they were cut from a team or benched by their coach. They could have bombed a big competition or missed the playoffs. They could also experience … Read Sport Psychology Tip