Yes, College Recruiters Evaluate Players’ Mental Game

For college recruiters, players’ mental game is important. Recruiters learn about kids’ mental game skills–or deficiencies–by talking to high school coaches, watching game videos and watching both parents and players at games.

Keirsten Sires, CEO and founder of 2aDays–which provides college coach ratings and experiences from athletes–gives tips about how young athletes can demonstrate that they have a solid mental game. She also warns parents about how their behavior can undermine a young athlete’s ability to be recruited.

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Mental Performance Coaching for Youth Athletes

It’s difficult for sports parents to watch their kids under-perform in sports and lose self-esteem due to fear, doubt and tentativeness. It’s hard to stand idle and watch.

The solutions are not obvious. However, you, as a parent, can learn how to respond to your athletes’ fears, doubts, and frustrations. You can develop happy, successful kids who are “mentally tough” in sports – and life!

One-on-one sports psychology coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your athletes’ mental game, boost their performance, and make lasting changes. And as a bonus, parents learn what to say to help young athletes feel confident and thrive in sports. Please call us at 888-742-7225 with your questions.

Please contact us today at Peak Performance Sports to learn more about individual mental coaching programs for serious young athletes on a mission to greatness.

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