Mental Preparation for Sports Kids

The Value of Listening and Empathy in Youth Sports

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Youth Sports Interview with Author Amy Bass In the book, “One Goal: A Coach, a Team and the Game That Brought a Divided Town Together,” author Amy Bass relates how refugees from Somalia brought their passion for soccer to the town of Lewiston, Maine and changed Lewiston in remarkable ways. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Mental Preparation For Young Athletes

Young Athletes Mental Game Preparation

How to Teach Young Athletes Mental Toughness Sports parents, want to help your kids achieve peak performance, that elusive state that allows them to stay in the moment, banish distractions and perform their best? Peak performance comes from great preparation. Consistent peak performance is based on consistent mental preparation. Help … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Kids’ Performance and Consistency

Coping With Mistakes

Pregame Routines for Young Athletes A sports parent asks: “My almost 13-year-old daughter is very talented, but her head gets in the way. She is a starter at striker. She has amazing games one day and the next she’s a different player, she’s inconsistent. What going one and how can … Read Sport Psychology Tip