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Sports Kids’ Performance and Consistency

Coping With Mistakes

Pregame Routines for Young Athletes A sports parent asks: “My almost 13-year-old daughter is very talented, but her head gets in the way. She is a starter at striker. She has amazing games one day and the next she’s a different player, she’s inconsistent. What going one and how can … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Kids See the Good and Bad of Perfectionism in Sports

Perfectionists in Youth Sports

How Perfectionism Can Lead to Fear of Failure A sports parent writes: “My child is a 9-year old figure skater. She is very passionate with her sport but sometimes she tend to get very frustrated when she performs poorly in her program. Also, when she is performing well, her coach … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Sports Kids Resist Mental Game Training—And What Parents Should Do

Building Confidence in Young Athletes

Mentally strong athletes—those who have done some mental game training—don’t balk after making mistakes. They don’t call themselves negative names. And they’re often great team players because they’re so positive. Truth is, however, that sports kids resist mental training, and miss out on these and other important benefits. Why? Because … Read Sport Psychology Tip