Can Athletes Feel Confident in the Face of Many Challenges Today?

Youth Sports Psychology

Growing Confidence in Youth Sports Can kids really grow their confidence in sports today, given that they have to deal with society’s pressure to excel, untrained and sometimes difficult coaches, bullies, and parents who are sometimes over-invested in winning? That was the gist of a question we got yesterday from … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Protecting Athletes From Bully Coaches

Youth Sports Psychology

Bully Coaches in Youth Sports What’s the biggest complaint we get from sports parents? Bully coaches. These are coaches who scream at, intimidate, harass or scare young athletes—usually in the name of motivating them to perform better. Read on to learn about how to protect your kids from being hurt … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Kids Who Lose Confidence When Playing in Front of Others

When Athletes Worry About Being Judged

Kids Who Lose Confidence What can sports parents do when kids’ confidence dips when performing in front of others? Truth is, you don’t have control over what is happening inside your kids’ minds—whether they feel pressure or not. However, you can teach them tools for managing—or eliminating—the pressure they feel. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Our Top Post-Game Confidence Tip for Sports Parents

Youth Sports Psychology

Post Game Tips For Young Athletes You want your kids to walk away from competition with more confidence than they started with, correct? Below, we give you our top Post Game Tip. But first… Most kids tend to beat up on themselves after they compete. It’s part of human nature. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Parents Can Boost Young Athletes’ Confidence

Video of The Week

Instilling Confidence in Sports Kids Sports parents: Want to improve your young athletes’ confidence? Watch Dr. Patrick Cohn of The Ultimate Sports Parent discuss how sports parents can help kids boost self-confidence in sports and what not to do prior to games. Dr. Cohn discusses how athletes sabotage their pregame … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Self-talk That Destroys Young Athletes’ Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Self-Talk And Confidence in Youth Sports A sports dad who wrote us recently understands exactly why negative self-talk crushes confidence. Even in a talented athlete. However, he has no clue how to stop the downward spiral that such self-talk produces, he says. Read on to learn about why negative self-talk … Read Sport Psychology Tip