Bullying in Sports

Adversity in Young Athletes

How Kids Can Learn to Make the Most of Mistake While Competing

Train Your Mind to Respond Well to Adversity This is something young athletes can achieve, but it takes practice. It doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Young athletes need to train their brains to respond automatically to challenging situations. To do this, they should consistently tell themselves positive, empowering messages. If they … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Girls Feel More Confident in Sports

How Sports Kids’ Mental Game Affects College Recruitment

How Can Your Daughter Overcome Stereotypes? Stereotypes about girls in sports undermine girls’ confidence, dreams and performance, says Donny DeDonatis III, CEO of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), a former pro athlete and the dad of twins in youth sports. As the head of the USSSA, DeDonatis is … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Protecting Sports Kids From Predators, Bullies and Other Dangers

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

How Parents Can Help Sports Kids Stay Safe It’s hard to read the stories about members of the USA Gymnastics Team being harassed and abused by the team’s doctor. And it’s easy to worry about such dangers. Kids who are bullied, abused or harassed as sports kids can suffer throughout … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Girls In Sports Overcome Bullying

Help Athletes Get Through Slumps

Female Bullying in Youth Sports Girls and women in sports like to focus on relationships, while boys and men are less likely to do this, says Joan Steidinger, author of “Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete.” But while focusing on relationships has many pluses—kids who do this … Read Sport Psychology Tip