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When Sports Kids Are Bullied By Coaches

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How to Deal With Bully Coaches Do your sports children complain about being bullied, teased, or intimidated by coaches? One sports mom recently told us her own story about how much a bully coach hurt her son… “Some of it was outright verbal, mental, emotional abuse. And a lot of … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why You Should Worry About Bullies in Sports…

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Bullying Problems in Youth Sports Sports parents, you need to worry about bullies in youth sports. Why? Because bullies permeate the youth sports scene, and kids don’t like to talk about being bullied… Athletes are embarrassed – and often won’t tell their parents, coaches or friends that they’re being harassed, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Parents: You Can Help Your Athletes if They Are Bullied

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How Can Parents Help Bullied Sports Kids In a recent survey of 650 parents on an online site about plastic surgery, 68% of parents surveyed said they would allow their teens to undergo plastic surgery to avoid bullying. The survey shows just how far parents will go to prevent their … Read Sport Psychology Tip