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Youth Sports Interview with Author Aureen Monteiro When Aureen Monteiro’s daughter came home from school saying she was being bullied for playing soccer, Monteiro shared some of the lessons from her upcoming book, “Rise Higher.” Monteiro and her daughter live in India, where girls are encouraged to play board games … Read Sport Psychology Tip

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Female Bullying in Youth Sports Girls and women in sports like to focus on relationships, while boys and men are less likely to do this, says Joan Steidinger, author of “Sisterhood in Sports: How Female Athletes Collaborate and Compete.” But while focusing on relationships has many pluses—kids who do this … Read Sport Psychology Tip

College Sports and Bully Coaches: Rutgers’ Rice Fired

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Staying Tough in The Face of Bully Coaches We’ve warned you over and over that it’s critical to protect your young athletes from bullying in youth sports. The firing this week of Mike Rice, Rutgers basketball coach, for physically kicking players, throwing balls at them, and verbally abusing them is … Read Sport Psychology Tip

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Taking Steps To Prevent Bullying in Sports Kids Bullying is an epidemic in our society today. Bullying is especially rampant in sports. A recent survey of high school students across the U.S. found that 48% of respondents had been subjected to hazing–a form of bullying in which kids are humiliated … Read Sport Psychology Tip