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Mental Training Benefits For Kids

Here’s one former sports kid who has lots of good things to say about the benefits of mental training:

“Dr. Patrick Cohn, I am so happy to see you exposing the true potential and impact of mental training with children.  As a gymnast, I used mental training techniques day in and day out- and I still use them daily as an adult – peak performance is important for living. Thank you!”

The truth is, most parents, youth coaches, and sports kids don’t understand why mental training is so critical to enjoying and benefiting from youth sports.

A number of myths prevent adults and young athletes from truly understanding sports psychology the way this former gymnast understands it.

Here are just a few of the myths and our response to them:

1. “I’m already mentally tough,” kids say.

Sure, they may be mentally tough in some areas, but we guarantee that they could toughen up other aspects of their game! For example, they might excel in practice, but freeze up during games.

Even if they’re top performers, they might get nervous when their friends watch their games. Or they might dwell on losses in ways that hurt their performance.

2.  “I’m playing well now. I don’t want to hurt my momentum,” young athletes say.

Guess what? If these kids could learn how to identify the thoughts and feelings that are feeding their success, they’d learn how to harness these thoughts and feelings at a later date—when they’re not on the top of their game.

That’s just one of the lessons they’ll learn if they embrace mental training.

Kids also say they don’t need mental training because their coaches don’t value sports psychology, and because the key to success is hard work.

Again, they’re limiting themselves with these ideas!

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We’re certain that, as a parent, you want to help your child develop confidence and discipline in sports and life. And as a sports parent, you’d love for your children to reach their potential in sports. But encouraging your child to strive for greatness without pressuring them can be a challenge.

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