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Motivate Kids with Growth Mindset, Not Fear

Building Confidence in Athletes

Growth Mindset for Young Athletes Rather than focusing on instilling fear to motivate athletes, parents need to create a safe training environment for them, says Pomai Miyata, MGCP, and sports performance consultant and founder of ICE Mental Game. Fear-based training was common with old-school coaches and is often depicted in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Be All In: Raising Kids for Success in Sports – Interview

Raising Kids For Success in Sports

Christie Pearce Rampone, a two-time Women’s World Cup champion, three-time Olympic gold medalist, and former captain of the US Women’s National Soccer Team teamed up with sports neuropsychologist and brain health expert Dr. Kristine Keane to provide tips to sports parents. The authors of “Be All In: Raising Kids for … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Adults Shouldn’t Heap Superstar Expectations

Trust the training

Do Parents Pressure Kids to be Superstars? In the world of youth sports, we focus too much on “the next big thing”, creating high expectations. Eighth grade basketball player Elijah Fisher has been described by his coach at Grassroots Elite (Canada), “Elijah could be the best player to ever come … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What Do Parents of Successful Athletes Do Right?

Successful Sports Parent

How to be a Successful Sports Parent A parent asks us how parents of successful athletes have been involved in their athletes’ sports experience. The most well-known example is Tiger Woods’ father. Earl Woods started teaching Tiger how to play golf before the age of two years old and coached … Read Sport Psychology Tip