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Motivate Kids with Growth Mindset, Not Fear

Building Confidence in Athletes

Growth Mindset for Young Athletes Rather than focusing on instilling fear to motivate athletes, parents need to create a safe training environment for them, says Pomai Miyata, MGCP, and sports performance consultant and founder of ICE Mental Game. Fear-based training was common with old-school coaches and is often depicted in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Parent Communication with Sports Kids Who Lash Out

Youth Sports Psychology

Communicating With Sports Kids After Losses What exactly is going on in the minds of young athletes when they throw a bat after striking out, storm out of a gym after a loss, or cry when their team suffers a big upset? How should you deal with this behavior? First … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How To Give Constructive Feedback to Sports Kids

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It’s no secret that many young athletes aren’t very open to constructive feedback during games. That’s because they often take it personally. They think that what you say about their performance as athletes reflects on them as people. What does this mean for you as parents and coaches? It’s your … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Kids Deal with Constructive Criticism [Interview]

Video of The Week

Handling Criticism in Youth Sports Lisa Cohn of Kids’ Sports Psychology interviews coach James Jackson and Dr. Patrick Cohn about how kids handle criticism in sports today. When coaches don’t communicate well during games, kids take well-meaning constructive feedback personally and generally don’t learn or improve. Watch the video below … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Sports Kids Handle Constructive Criticism

Video of The Week

How Sports Kids Deal With Criticism Dr. Patrick Cohn, co-founder of The Ultimate Sports Parent discusses how kids handle constructive criticism in sports. In this youth sports psychology video by Dr. Patrick Cohn you’ll learn: How kids handle criticism in sports today. Listen to the interview with Coach James Jackson and Dr. Patrick Cohn … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Sports Kids Rely on Others for Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Sports Kids’ Confidence Sources Do your young athletes seek approval from their peers and coaches in order to feel confident about their abilities in sports? That’s true of Miguel, a 20-year-old who has played basketball recreationally for many years. He says that when his confidence sinks, he counts on his … Read Sport Psychology Tip