Why Kids’ Self-Confidence Suffers When Sports Parents Make Comparisons

Youth Sports Psychology

Parents Comparing Sports Kids Sports parents, you need to stop making comparisons. Only then will your kids stop taking part in this confidence-busting activity. Ah, but it’s so tempting to chat with your kids, spouse and neighbors about how Johnny’s free-throw shot is a little crooked compared to your kids’ … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What to do When Sports Kids Don’t Believe in Themselves

How Young Athletes Can Win Close Games

Reasons Why Sports Kids Don’t Believe in Themselves For a number of reasons, many sports kids don’t believe in themselves—and that’s bad news for them, their teams and their coaches. Here are just a few causes: When kids don’t believe in themselves, they hurt their performance and enjoyment of sports. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

One Must-Have Mental Game Strategy to Help Young Athletes Excel in Competition

Youth Sports Psychology

Bringing Practice Confidence to Games in Youth Sports A sports parent tells us her son really shines on the field during practice. “He’s way beyond all the other boys in terms of technical and tactical skills during practice.” However, here’s the “but…” And it’s a big one. During a game, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Do Talented Kids With Bad Attitudes Get More Playing Time?

Youth Sports Psychology

Confidence And Talent in Sports Kids One of our readers recently asked a great question: Why do hard-working, less talented kids generally get less playing time than the talented athletes who have not-so-great work ethics and attitudes? Here is what this sports parent had to say: “My son plays ice … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Are Sports Kids Their Own Worst Enemies?

Youth Sports Psychology

The Pitfalls of High Expectations Just how many ways can young athletes sabotage their sports performance? In lots of ways, says Dr. Harold Shinitzky, a sports psychologist and author of “Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life.” “A lot of athletes, based on how they think of themselves, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Coaches Yell, Insult and Intimidate Sports Kids

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Dealing Coaches Who Bully in Youth Sports Have your sports kids ever had a coach who yelled at, insulted or intimidated them? If so, read on… We’ve got some tips—and warnings—for you about what we call “bully coaches.” First of all, our warning. Coaches who teach by being negative or intimidating … Read Sport Psychology Tip