When Coaches Yell, Insult and Intimidate Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Dealing Coaches Who Bully in Youth Sports Have your sports kids ever had a coach who yelled at, insulted or intimidated them? If so, read on… We’ve got some tips—and warnings—for you about what we call “bully coaches.” First of all, our warning. Coaches who teach by being negative or intimidating … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Your Sports Kid’s Confidence is Low Because Friends Excel

Youth Sports Psychology

Sports Kids’ And Making Comparisons What do you do when your young athlete’s confidence sinks every time a talented friend or teammate excels in sports? This is a common problem for young athletes. Kids are social beings—and they tend to compare themselves to their friends. But in sports, this is … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Young Athletes Lose Confidence with Comparisons

Youth Sports Psychology

Making Comparisons in Youth Sports We are seeing a disturbing trend today in young athletes – one that coaches and parents need to understand and address. Sports kids today spend too much time making comparisons to their competitors or teammates! They focus on how others are performing, rather than concentrating … Read Sport Psychology Tip