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Help Sports Kids Feel Self-Confident Before Competition

Youth Sports Psychology

Improving Self-Confidence With Mental Preparation Parents, it’s important to recognize that confidence is the Number One mental game skill that helps kids perform to their potential. And when young athletes learn how to build their confidence in sports, it can transfer to other areas of their lives. When athletes have … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What to do When Sports Kids Don’t Believe in Themselves

How Young Athletes Can Win Close Games

Reasons Why Sports Kids Don’t Believe in Themselves For a number of reasons, many sports kids don’t believe in themselves—and that’s bad news for them, their teams and their coaches. Here are just a few causes: When kids don’t believe in themselves, they hurt their performance and enjoyment of sports. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What Hurts Young Athletes’ Confidence in Sports?

Youth Sports Psychology

Instilling Confidence in Young Athletes We believe that confidence is the most important asset that leads athletes to sporting excellence. It’s critical for your kids to feel confident—to believe in their abilities—in order to realize their physical potential. Confidence helps them bounce back after mistakes, hang in there when things … Read Sport Psychology Tip