What Hurts Young Athletes’ Confidence in Sports?

Youth Sports Psychology

Instilling Confidence in Young Athletes We believe that confidence is the most important asset that leads athletes to sporting excellence. It’s critical for your kids to feel confident—to believe in their abilities—in order to realize their physical potential. Confidence helps them bounce back after mistakes, hang in there when things … Read Sport Psychology Tip

One Way Sports Kids Lose Confidence and the Solution

Youth Sports Psychology

Keeping Game Time Focus in The Present Sophie is a 7th grade cross-country runner who has trouble letting go of past losses. She assumes one loss will lead to another. This is a common challenge for young athletes. They make generalizations about one bad game or race. If it happened … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Good Stress and Bad Stress for Youth Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Pre-Game Stress In Youth Sports Are your sports kids stressed before games? Do you know the signs and causes of stress in young athletes? Stress can really undermine kids’ confidence and success. And that hurts their performance and happiness. We talked to Debbie Mendel, a stress management expert and author … Read Sport Psychology Tip