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Overcome Pre-Competition Nerves

Helping Young Athletes Focus

Do Your Sports Kids Get Nervous About Competing? Some young athletes believe they can’t be successful if they’re nervous. But this isn’t always true. Those who get nervous believe there’s nothing they can do to control these feelings. As a result, they often perform tentatively and don’t do well. They … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Good Stress and Bad Stress for Youth Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Pre-Game Stress In Youth Sports Are your sports kids stressed before games? Do you know the signs and causes of stress in young athletes? Stress can really undermine kids’ confidence and success. And that hurts their performance and happiness. We talked to Debbie Mendel, a stress management expert and author … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Kids Who Struggle with Pregame Nerves

Youth Sports Psychology

Overcoming Pregame Jitters Most top athletes and coaches are aware of the importance of a calm mind and relaxed body for kids to reach peak performance in sports. And so am I… If your athletes are tense, worried about outcomes, or bring stress from life into competition, they will under … Read Sport Psychology Tip