Encouraging Sports Kids without Pressuring Them

Youth Sports Psychology

Encouraging Kids to Play Sports Just how can sports parents encourage kids to take part in sports and support them—without pressuring them? That’s a good question, and the answers are not so obvious. Read on to get tips from Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse, who says his parents knew just how … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What Hurts Young Athletes’ Confidence in Sports?

Youth Sports Psychology

Instilling Confidence in Young Athletes We believe that confidence is the most important asset that leads athletes to sporting excellence. It’s critical for your kids to feel confident—to believe in their abilities—in order to realize their physical potential. Confidence helps them bounce back after mistakes, hang in there when things … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Sports Kids Focus on the Present

What Can Athletes Learn from Elite Athletes’ Mindset?

Sports Kids Who Can’t Let Go of Mistakes In the popular book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” one of the main characters—a racecar driver—talks about the importance of “having no memory” while competing. “Memory is time folding back on itself. To remember is to disengage from the present,” … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Do Talented Kids With Bad Attitudes Get More Playing Time?

Youth Sports Psychology

Confidence And Talent in Sports Kids One of our readers recently asked a great question: Why do hard-working, less talented kids generally get less playing time than the talented athletes who have not-so-great work ethics and attitudes? Here is what this sports parent had to say: “My son plays ice … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Parents’ Expectations Hurt Athletes’ Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

How Expectations Create Pressure in Sports Kids Youth coach Doug Donaldson says he knows intuitively when one of his young athletes feels pressured by a parent’s expectations. And he also knows the problems such well-meaning expectations can create in young athletes. For example, one of his player’s mothers wants the child … Read Sport Psychology Tip

High Expectations and Anger in Youth Sports

Youth Sports Psychology

Young Athletes And Keeping Composure As sports parents, it’s your job to understand anger management. That’s because anger erupts too often on the field or in the gym—and it’s always disruptive and destructive. That’s the word from Joe Bouffard, director of the Youth Football Coaches Association, a group that teaches … Read Sport Psychology Tip