One Sports Parent’s Story About Perfectionism and The Mental Game

Hall of Fame Lacrosse Player’s Teamwork Tips

Perfectionism in Youth Sports We recently checked in with Jane, a tennis pro, and her son, Jeff, a Division I tennis player. Jane had a lot to say about the value of focusing on the “mental game.” Why should you be interested in Jane’s story? Because it’s a classic example … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Sports Parent Agonize about Pressuring Young Athletes

Help Athlete Cope with Bad calls

Parents Pressure in Youth Sports Here at the Ultimate Sports Parent and Kids’ Sports Psychology, we receive many letters from parents who are confused about how much they should pressure their kids. In fact, it’s not an overstatement to say they agonize about this topic… Agonize, you might ask? Yes. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How To Motivate Your Young Athletes Without Pressuring Them

The Power of Pregame Visualization

Kids’ Motivation in Sports Your sports kids may show a fair amount of talent, but are seemingly not interested in meeting their potential. Many sports parents want to know how to motivate their kids, yet not pressure them. You’re unsure how much time you should spend reminding your kids that they … Read Sport Psychology Tip