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Why Are Younger Athletes Dropping Out of Sports?

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Reasons for Rising Dropout Rates in Sports Recent studies have shown a 14% drop off in soccer participation between the ages of 6-12, says Benjamin Dudley, executive director, Positive Coaching Aliance (PCA), Portland. We also see these kinds of numbers in baseball, football, and basketball all around the country. And … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Balance Levels of Involvement as a Sports Parent

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How to Be a Supportive Sports Parent A sports parent asks: “How can I help my children really own their own sports experience?” Sports parents can sometimes forget that the sports experience should belong to their children. When parents are too intrusive, controlling, or over-involved, it undermines kids’ experience. Sports … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Valuable Life Lessons for Athletes 10 and Under

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Valuable Lessons For Sports Kids We work with a lot of young athletes today who struggle with perfectionism. Although perfectionism has many good qualities, it also can sabotage kids’ success in sports. Perfectionists tend to be highly motivated, strive to do their best, and they work hard. However, perfectionists may … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Sports Parents Need Perspective

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Tips to Ensure Your Kids Excel in Sports We all want our kids to excel in sports. But exactly what does it mean to excel — and how can parents best help young athletes? It’s all about perspective. Read on to learn great tips for ensuring your kids excel in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Letting Go of Sports Kids During Practice and Competition

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Letting Sports Kids be Responsible For Their Success Sports parents need to release their young athletes to the game. That’s the word from H. Rothenberg, who has run a basketball program for 20 years and is the owner of Triple C Camp, Charlottesville, Va. What exactly does he mean by … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Should Sports Parents be Their Kids’ Trainer, Nutritionist and Sports Psychologist?

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Motivating And Communicating With Young Athletes Mari, a sports mom of two successful kayakers, aged 13 and 14, says she’s her kids’ sports psychologist, personal trainer, nutritionist and much more. She contacted us to ask: Is she too over-involved in her kids’ sports life? After speaking with Mari, we concluded that … Read Sport Psychology Tip