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Helping Young Athletes Feel Confident Before Competition

How Kids Can Learn to Make the Most of Mistake While Competing

Positive Self-Talk in Youth Sports Just before a game kids should have a routine to help them mentally and physically get ready. But often, young athletes neglect the mental preparation part of their warmup routine… Positive self-talk should be one part of their pregame routine. For example, positive self-talk might … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Self-talk That Destroys Young Athletes’ Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

Self-Talk And Confidence in Youth Sports A sports dad who wrote us recently understands exactly why negative self-talk crushes confidence. Even in a talented athlete. However, he has no clue how to stop the downward spiral that such self-talk produces, he says. Read on to learn about why negative self-talk … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Sports Parents Need Perspective

Youth Sports Psychology

Tips to Ensure Your Kids Excel in Sports We all want our kids to excel in sports. But exactly what does it mean to excel — and how can parents best help young athletes? It’s all about perspective. Read on to learn great tips for ensuring your kids excel in … Read Sport Psychology Tip