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Balance Levels of Involvement as a Sports Parent

Balance Levels

How to Be a Supportive Sports Parent A sports parent asks: “How can I help my children really own their own sports experience?” Sports parents can sometimes forget that the sports experience should belong to their children. When parents are too intrusive, controlling, or over-involved, it undermines kids’ experience. Sports … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Parents Force Kids to Specialize in One Sport

When Kids Are Forced to Complete in One Sport

Young Athletes’ Motivation For Playing Sports A young athlete writes: “My father made me start taekwondo when I was still very young. I am tired of the injuries and with the fact that they don’t care if I am hurt or not. I still like the sport but I am … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Parents Who Pressure Their Kids

Video of The Week

Do You Place High Expectations On Your Young Athletes? In “Mental Training Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about sports parents who pressure their kids. Visit Peaksports.com and click on contact us to submit your question for Dr. Cohn to answer in … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Communicate Well with Sports Kids, And Reap the Benefits

How Kids Can Learn to Make the Most of Mistake While Competing

The Importance of Communicating With Sports Kids How you communicate with your sports kids is critical to building their confidence. We recently chatted with Michel Langlois, co-owner of Prospect Communications, which helps parents, coaches and administrators develop more effective communication approaches. He’s also a former coach and has four grown … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Encouraging Sports Kids without Pressuring Them

Youth Sports Psychology

Encouraging Kids to Play Sports Just how can sports parents encourage kids to take part in sports and support them—without pressuring them? That’s a good question, and the answers are not so obvious. Read on to get tips from Olympic fencer Tim Morehouse, who says his parents knew just how … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Is Setting Goals Too Much Pressure for Young Athletes?

Playing through adversity

Goal Setting in Youth Sports Do you feel frustrated when your young athletes seem to lack motivation and direction? Would helping sports kids set goals be helpful? If so, you’re not alone. We often hear from sports parents and coaches who want to better understand how to help motivate their … Read Sport Psychology Tip