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Building Kids’ Success Through Goal-Setting [Podcast]

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Success And Goal-Setting in Youth Sports Ultimate Sports Parent Radio interviews J. Parker Adair, a coach who started a high school lacrosse program and has run programs for athletes aged 3 to high school. He as taken his sports lessons to the business world with his website CoachAdair.com. This week’s … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Help Sports Kids Set Goals Without Expectations

Youth Sports Psychology

Setting Effective Goals in Youth Sports How do you help sports kids set goals that don’t create high expectations? Wait a minute, you may ask. The whole process of setting goals creates expectations! Read on to understand the critical difference between setting goals and creating high expectations in youth sports. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Setting Goals is So Important for Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Setting Goals in Youth Sports It’s a great idea to set goals for sports kids. Goal-setting helps improve kids’ motivation and commitment, helps them stay focused on what to accomplish, helps them assess their strengths and weaknesses, and track their performance. But who should do it–the parent, the young athlete, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Parents’ Role in Motivating Sports Kids

Youth Sports Psychology

Motivate Young Athletes Without Pressuring Them Sam, a Division III basketball player, says it’s hard for him to motivate himself unless his coaches are watching him and pushing him along. As a young athlete, Sam’s not alone. We hear from many parents who say that their kids of all ages … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Is Setting Goals Too Much Pressure for Young Athletes?

Playing through adversity

Goal Setting in Youth Sports Do you feel frustrated when your young athletes seem to lack motivation and direction? Would helping sports kids set goals be helpful? If so, you’re not alone. We often hear from sports parents and coaches who want to better understand how to help motivate their … Read Sport Psychology Tip