One Must-Have Mental Game Strategy to Help Young Athletes Excel in Competition

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Bringing Practice Confidence to Games in Youth Sports A sports parent tells us her son really shines on the field during practice. “He’s way beyond all the other boys in terms of technical and tactical skills during practice.” However, here’s the “but…” And it’s a big one. During a game, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Do Talented Kids With Bad Attitudes Get More Playing Time?

Youth Sports Psychology

Confidence And Talent in Sports Kids One of our readers recently asked a great question: Why do hard-working, less talented kids generally get less playing time than the talented athletes who have not-so-great work ethics and attitudes? Here is what this sports parent had to say: “My son plays ice … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How To Give Constructive Feedback to Sports Kids

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It’s no secret that many young athletes aren’t very open to constructive feedback during games. That’s because they often take it personally. They think that what you say about their performance as athletes reflects on them as people. What does this mean for you as parents and coaches? It’s your … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Parents Can help Sports Kids Take More Risks

Youth Sports Psychology

Parental Pressure on Sports Kids Sports parents, did it ever occur to you that spending too much time watching your kids practice their sport makes it hard for them to take risks and grow as athletes? Huh? You might ask. What’s the link between watching them practice and ensuring they … Read Sport Psychology Tip

One Sports Parent’s Story About Perfectionism and The Mental Game

Hall of Fame Lacrosse Player’s Teamwork Tips

Perfectionism in Youth Sports We recently checked in with Jane, a tennis pro, and her son, Jeff, a Division I tennis player. Jane had a lot to say about the value of focusing on the “mental game.” Why should you be interested in Jane’s story? Because it’s a classic example … Read Sport Psychology Tip