Sports Kids Not Trusting Physical Skills

Helping Athletes Improve Trust in Skills

Trust in Skills

Taking Skills from Practice to Competition Trust is one of the most important factors that leads to peak performance in sports. When young athletes trust their skills, they’re performing or playing in the moment. They rely on the skills they learned to perform to their abilities under any circumstances. Rather … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Young Athletes Need these Two Mental Skills for Success

Trust and Confidence

Help Young Athletes Build Trust and Confidence Trust and confidence are very important for young athletes’ success in sports and are interrelated. If athletes lack confidence, they don’t believe in their ability to perform under pressure. If they don’t trust their skills, they lack confidence heading into competitions. Let’s take … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Help Kids Focus Before a Game

Youth Sports Psychology

What to Tell Sports Kids Before a Game A parent asks, “Can you tell me two simple things to tell my sports kid before a game that will help him and not stress him?” This parent has the right idea. Just before a game, you want to keep it simple. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

The Importance of Athletes’ Pregame Mindset

Youth Sports Psychology

Help Sports Kids Overcome Self-Doubt Do your sports kids lose confidence just before a game or competition? Confidence in youth sports is the most important mental game advantage. They worry, for example, about the size and strength of their opponents, and compare themselves to other athletes. They tell themselves they’re … Read Sport Psychology Tip

One Must-Have Mental Game Strategy to Help Young Athletes Excel in Competition

Youth Sports Psychology

Bringing Practice Confidence to Games in Youth Sports A sports parent tells us her son really shines on the field during practice. “He’s way beyond all the other boys in terms of technical and tactical skills during practice.” However, here’s the “but…” And it’s a big one. During a game, … Read Sport Psychology Tip

When Kids Drop Out of Sports Because of Little Playing Time

Young Athelte Mental Toughness

Positive Coaching in Youth Sports At first, Brian Sanders’ son enjoyed sports. He had a coach who gave all the kids equal playing time. The second year, the boy dropped out of sports altogether because the coach gave him—and other players—little playing time. “Kids drop out because of these negative … Read Sport Psychology Tip