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Building Confidence With Supportive Communication

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Do You Over Coach Your Athletes From the Sidelines? It’s important to build kids’ confidence, on and off the field. But its’ not always obvious to sports parents about how to do that. In a recent interview, Greg Winkler, award-winning soccer coach and author of “Coaching a Season of Significance,” … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Team Culture Boosts Kids’ Confidence

Building Confidence in Young Athletes

Strategies For Building Confidence in Young Athletes There’s a reason Mark Lawton, longtime coach and teacher, takes his team to the championship level… He focuses on building a team culture that boosts kids’ confidence. When we spoke to him recently, he gave us some quick tips for both parents and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Help Kids Focus Before a Game

Youth Sports Psychology

What to Tell Sports Kids Before a Game A parent asks, “Can you tell me two simple things to tell my sports kid before a game that will help him and not stress him?” This parent has the right idea. Just before a game, you want to keep it simple. … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How Unruly Crowds and Parents Hurt Kids’ Confidence

Youth Sports Psychology

How Can Sports Parents Distract Kids? Unruly parents and crowds can really hurt kids’ confidence, says Gil Fried, professor and head of the sport management department at the University of New Haven and an expert on crowd control. Why? Just think about it. When athletes are trying to perform, what … Read Sport Psychology Tip

What Motivates Kids to Play Sports? This Will Surprise You [Podcast]

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Motivating Kids to Play Sports How to motivate kids to play sports is a hot topic today, given all the news about obesity in our country. It’s also a hot topic for our readers and members, who often ask us what’s the best way to ensure their children are motivated … Read Sport Psychology Tip

How to Help Kids Be “Winning” Losers in Youth Sports

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Making The Most Out of Losses How can you teach your kids to make the most out of losses? Lots of ways, says Frank J. Sileo, Ph.D, a psychologist with more than 16 years’ experience working with kids and families, and the author of “Sally Sore Loser:  A Story about Winning … Read Sport Psychology Tip