The Importance of Athletes’ Pregame Mindset

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Help Sports Kids Overcome Self-Doubt

Do your sports kids lose confidence just before a game or competition?

Confidence in youth sports is the most important mental game advantage.

They worry, for example, about the size and strength of their opponents, and compare themselves to other athletes.

They tell themselves they’re too slow to block shots today. They use other forms of “negative self-talk,” telling themselves they’re small or weak.

They also worry about what others think of them. “What if coach benches me for making a mistake?”

Just before a game, kids need to feel confident in their skills—not worry or doubt themselves by focusing on past mistakes.

And as a parent, you can’t give them confidence! Your athletes must learn to have SELF-confidence–from within.

One quick tip: Kids can use positive self-talk to boost their confidence. If they have something to say to themselves, it should be positive.

They should think, “You can do this; you’ve done it before,” or “I feel really energetic today and know I’ll do well.”

We’re in the midst of preparing a new program that helps kids prepare mentally for a game.

Many of our readers have taken our survey to tell us what rattles their kids just before a game.

If you haven’t taken the survey, this is your last chance to give us your input that will be very valuable to us as we prepare our program. It takes about two minutes:

Again, we appreciate your input and rely on your feedback. We are hard at work preparing what we believe will be valuable program to help your kids in sports–all based on your input!

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We’re certain that, as a parent, you want to help your child develop confidence and discipline in sports and life. And as a sports parent, you’d love for your children to reach their potential in sports. But encouraging your child to strive for greatness without pressuring them can be a challenge.

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