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Helping Young Athletes Stay Confident and Composed After Setbacks

Youth Sports Psychology

Composed Sports Kids Do your sports kids hate to make mistakes? Do they kick themselves over and over after a turnover, bad pass or loss? Worse, do they start playing tentatively, rather than giving it their all? Are you wondering how you can possibly help them change their attitude about … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Sports Kids That Are Prone To Emotional Tantrums

Athletes who dwell on mistakes after games

Young Athletes That Struggle With Composure I have a special announcement for you today, but first I want to share a sports parent’s story with you… Over the last few weeks, several parents and coaches posted comments on our video about why kids become frustrated in sports. If you missed … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Young Athletes Improve Composure in Sports

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Improving Composure in Competition Youth Sports Psychology expert Dr. Patrick Cohn of Kids’ Sports Psychology explains why athletes become frustrated during competition and what coaches and parents can do about it. Help young athletes identify frustration-producing thoughts and modify them so your young athletes can reap the many benefits of improved … Read Sport Psychology Tip

High Expectations and Anger in Youth Sports

Youth Sports Psychology

Young Athletes And Keeping Composure As sports parents, it’s your job to understand anger management. That’s because anger erupts too often on the field or in the gym—and it’s always disruptive and destructive. That’s the word from Joe Bouffard, director of the Youth Football Coaches Association, a group that teaches … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Why Composure is so Important for Young Athletes

Help Young Athletes Compete Under Pressure

Composure in Youth Sports Does your young athlete have trouble coping with mistakes? Do your athletes check out during games because they can’t let go of mistakes? In fact, 35% of sports parents we surveyed said that their young athletes struggle with letting go of mistakes. In other words, if … Read Sport Psychology Tip