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Teaching Sports Kids Emotional Intelligence

Ultimate Sports Parent Podcast

Youth Sports Expert Interview Mark Greenburg, youth sports coach and former physical education teacher, says that emotional intelligence is one of the most important gifts sports parents can give their kids. In a recent interview with Ultimate Sports Parent Radio, Greenburg, the author of “Elevated Leadership, a Pitch-by-Pitch Guide to … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Kids Identify Their Feelings Before a Game

Emotional Sports Kids

Dealing With Emotional Kids Before Competition A parent asks how to help her son recognize and name the different feelings he might have before a match and learn how to put them aside until later. This is a good question. It’s important for young athletes to understand how they’re feeling—and … Read Sport Psychology Tip

Helping Sports Kids Cope with Mistakes [Video: Part 3]

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Composure in Sports Kids Frustrated parents and coaches of young athletes contact us everyday about their kids’ inability to handle mistakes or cope with imperfection in sports. As a matter of fact, 43% of sports parents and coaches we surveyed agreed that kids struggle to let go and stay composed after mistakes. For this reason, we have an … Read Sport Psychology Tip